Iliya Dimitrov Tronkov

Date and place of birth:

01.11.1980, Jambol

Office address:

4 "H.Dimitar" Str., Rectorate Building, lab 3406
Higher education institution University of Sofia "St. Kliment Ohridski", Informatics
Master Technical University - Gabrovo, Industrial Management
Postgraduate qualification Technical University - Gabrovo, Banks, Exchanges and Finance
Research areas

Software design

1. Algorithms.
2. Data Structures.
3. Database Internals.
Guided courses
Bachelor's Degree 1. Programming and Computer Applications.
2. Programming Languages.
Level of knowledge of foreign languages
1. English Reading skills: Excellent
Writing skills: Very good
Speaking skills: Very good
2. Russian Reading skills: Very good
Writing skills: Good
Speaking skills: Good
Work experience
1999 - 2006 Company "MICONT" Ltd. - Sofia, Software engineer and chief developer
2006 - 2012 Company "STS Soft" SC - Gabrovo, Project Manager
2011 - 2012 Technical University - Gabrovo, Ph.D. student
Programming languages and platforms used
1. C, C++, C#, Pascal.
2. Windows programming (Win32 API, Platform SDK, COM, DCOM, COM+, ActiveX, Automation, Structured Storage, OLE, ODBC, DAO, ADO, Winsock, Mailslots, Pipes, GDI, GDI+, WMI, Internationalization, Services, Multithreading and synchronization, Shell, DDE).
3. STSdb, SQL, MySQL, Access, Microsoft SQL Server.
4. Microsoft Visual Studio (MFC, ATL, STL, .NET Framework, Windows Forms, ADO.NET), Delphi (Visual Component Library).
5. Оle for Process Control (Data Access, History Data Access, Alarm and Events, Batch, Common, Exchange).
6. CAN, Modbus, PROFIBUS, FIELDBUS, Jbus, DeviceNET, TCP/IP, RS-232, RS-485, IPX/SPX 802.3, Arcnet(pLink).
7. Wolfram Mathematica.
Organization Membership
1. Society of Automatics and Informatics (SAI)
Scientific publications
Patents 1. I. Tronkov, "Method of data indexing", 2012.
1. Leading developer and designer of SCADA/HMI system integrated in:
   • "TPP Maritsa East 2" EAD;
   • TPP "Enel Maritsa East 3";
   • TPP "Maritsa 3" - Dimitrovgrad;
   • TPP Plovdiv-south;
   • "LUKOIL Neftochim Burgas" JSC;
   • "Solvay Sodi" AD - Devnya;
2. Project manager and designer of MarketMaking software used by:
   • "STS Finance" SC;
   • Bulbrokers part of "Financia Group" SC;
   • "FBC Logos-ТМ" SC;
   • "Euro-Finance" SC;
3. Project manager and designer of STSdb - open source database and virtual file system in one.
4. Inventor of WaterfallTree data structure - generalization of B+tree.
Contact information
Skype tronkov
GSM +359 887 308 701
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