Yordan Simeonov Yordanov

Date and place of birth:

21.09.1954, Gabrovo, Bulgaria


4 "H.Dimitar" Str., Rectorate Building, room 3305
University Technical University - Gabrovo, Electronic Engineering and Microelectronics
Areas of higher education and professional fields 1. Programming and Computer Systems Applications
2. Automation systems engineering
3. Distance learning systems
Guided courses
Bachelor's Degree 1. Programming and Computer Applications
2. Synthesis and Analysis of Algorithms
3. Databases
4. Distributed Databases
Master's degree 1. Computer training systems
2. Computer systems for distance learning
Level of knowledge of foreign languages
1. Russian Reading skills: Very good
Writing skills: Very good
Speaking skills: Very good
2. English Reading skills: Very good
Writing skills: Good
Speaking skills: Good
3.German Reading skills: Good
Writing Skills: Satisfactory
Speaking skills: Satisfactory
Work experience
1980 – 1983 NPPUU-ОZZU - Stara Zagora, Designer, Principal designer
1983 – 2010 Technical University - Gabrovo, Assist.Prof., Senior Assist.Prof., Principal Assist.Prof.
Organization Membership
1. John Atanasoff Society of Automatics and Informatics (SAI)
Participation in research projects
1. EE CAD-E and its modern element base, 1986-1989г.
2. Tempus JEP 3038, 1992-1994г.
3. Tempus JEN 03038, 1995-1996г.
4. Improving learning through benchmarking, 2000-2001г.
5. Network CZ 103, CEEPUS, 2003-2004г.
6. Head of the 2 projects programmed - IANSMP of the Ministry of EET.
7. Ten projects of educational and research nature.
Scientific publications
Articles 1
Papers 2 papers, presented at International Sc. conferences
37 papers, presented at National conferences
Teaching materials 4
Contact information
Phone +359 66 827 536
E-mail yordanov [at]  ]  [  academic staff  ]  [  top  ]