Brief history of CST department

Department of "Computer Systems and Technologies" at the Technical University-Gabrovo is the successor of the department of "Automation and Computing Technology" (AIT), which was established on 01.04.1984 by Order RD-09-359 of the Ministry of Public Education. Department AIT was created to provide general training in computer technology and its applications. Later the department began to teach specialized degree courses in "Computing Technology" (now "Computer Systems and Technologies"), and since 1991 degree courses in "Systems and Control".

So far the department has been headed by:

•  Assoc. Prof. Lyuben Ivanov Tsekov, Ph.D. [19.07.1984 - 15.01.1990]
•  Assoc. Prof. Radoslav Hristov Radev, Ph.D. [15.01.1990 - 30.07.1994]
•  Assoc. Prof. Raycho Todorov Ilarionov, Ph.D. [30.07.1994 - 07.11.1995]
•  Assoc. Prof. Lyuben Ivanov Tsekov, Ph.D. [07.11.1995 - 23.03.2004]
•  Assoc. Prof. Raycho Todorov Ilarionov, Ph.D. [23.03.2004 - 31.03.2008]
•  Assoc. Prof. Radoslav Petkov Raychev, Ph.D. [31.03.2008 - 21.05.2013]

From 21.05.2013 to now the head of the department is Assoc. Prof. Valentina Stoyanova Kukenska . At present the department is staffed by one professor, six associate professors, and five assistant professors.