Petar Borisov Minev

Date and place of birth:

25.10.1978, Elin Pelin

Office address:

4 "H.Dimitar" Str., Rectorate Building, lab 3408A
Higher education institution Technical University - Gabrovo
Areas of higher education and professional fields

Communications and Computer Engineering

1. Computer-aided Engineering and Design
2. Design and Analysis of Digital Systems
3. Operating Systems
Guided courses
Bachelor's Degree 1. Engineering Automation
2. Operating Systems
3. Design of Digital Systems with Programmable Logic
Master's degree 1. Network Operating Systems
2. Computer Systems Design
Level of knowledge of foreign languages
1. English Reading skills: Very good
Writing skills: Good
Speaking skills: Good
2. Russian Reading skills: Very good
Writing skills: Good
Speaking skills: Good
Work experience
2002 - 2003 Instrument Titzit Plc., IT Support Engineer
2003 - 2006 United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) - Chitalishte project, IT Specialist
2006 - 2007 Technical University - Gabrovo, PhD Student
2007 - 2011 Technical University - Gabrovo, Assistant
Organization Membership
1. IEEE Circuits and Systems Society
2. ACM Proffesional Membership
3. John Atanasoff Society of Automatics and Informatics (SAI)
Participation in scientific projects
1. A Library of VHDL Models of Components of The Computer Systems, 2006, Fund for Scientific Research
2. A VHDL model of a Processor Core with 32 bit MIPS Architecture, 2007, Fund for Scientific Research
3. Design of Components of The Computer Systems Based on Programmable Logic and Implementation of a Module for Embedded Systems, 2008, Fund for Scientific Research
4. Study of Integrated Services and Quality of Service in Network Infrastructure, Built of Virtual LANs, 2009, Fund for Scientific Research
5. Design and Hardware-software Implementation of an Information-reference and Presentation System with Touch Screen, 2010, Fund for Scientific Research
Scientific publications
Articles -
Papers 2 papers presented at international conferences
12 papers presented at national conferences
Books -
Teaching tools 1.Kukenska V., P. Minev, Computer-aided Engineering. Guide for laboratory exercises, University Press Vasil Aprilov, Gabrovo, 2008.
Selected scientific articles and papers for free download
1. Minev P., V. Kukenska, "The Virtex-5 Routing and Logic Architecture" , Annual Journal of Electronics, Sofia, 2009, Vol.3, Number 2, pp.107-110, ISSN 1313-1842.
2. Minev P., V. Kukenska, "Modeling FPGA Logic Architecture" , Proc. of XLV International Scientific Conference iCEST 23-26 June 2010 Ohrid, Volume 2, Bitola, 2010, pp.807-810, ISBN 978-9989-786-58-7.
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Contact information
ICQ 198 978 602
Phone +359 67 672109
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